TMA-0 Presentation at STEALTHPROJEKT

TMA-0 is an unknowable entity objectified in fragments. It is a metallic stone, erupted from a violent collision with vacant meteorites. Is the broken mirror onto which light reverberates in every angle before being taken back into chiseled depths of unevenly cave surfaces.

Born from the hands of the goldsmith artisan Andrea Montelli under the artistic supervision of LE PARADOX, TMA-0 jewels and stones live of the fascination of raw matter. Inspired to the irregular architectures of minerals, pieces angled and coarse seem to exit directly from the ground, giving a camouflage to the fine levigating work operated that makes harmonious their imperfection. Into the hollow a terse recess rigged in the walls of the Galerie Eof, the designer weaved a nest of barbed wire in occasion of the presentation at STEALTHPROJEKT held during last Menswear Fashion Week. From the metallic net the precious objects stood suspended as chalky excrescence, almost touching the pages onto which they were portrayed on the hands of the ex etoile Leda Roffi by the photography of Martina Scorcucchi. The almost invisible black and grey diamonds mounted onto the rings shined in the obscurity of the space, sending subdued light glimpses. In symbiosis with the space, pieces gave to spectators a solid tactile experience, giving an admirable example of manufacturing art.

TMA-0 is the alien and primitive shaped from creative human skill.

  • TMA-0 Presentation at STEALTHPROJEKT

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Marta Fattori

    Special Thanks

    Marc D. Rushton