Toogood – Collection 003

Life in the 21st century it’s a though business. No matter if fully equipped with the latest technologies and smart devices, men nowadays need shelter as much as they did in rural times.

With the aim of protecting the individuals against elements and strangers, TOOGOOD realized its thirds artisanal clothing collection. No matter if squeezed in chaotic metropolis or surrounded by bucolic landscapes, to face the harshness and the gloom of the Winter season TOOGOOD’s sisters Erica and Faye, design duo behind the brand, created a series of garments that gently wrap the body like a cocoon. The classic TOOGOOD’s modern workwear has been infused with a nomadic twist to suggest a certain survival mood. Featuring a range of luxurious and experimental fabrics ranging from industrial felt to raw silks and cling film, the classic sculptural shapes of the “Photographer“, the “Beekeeper“, “Milkmen“ and all the other uniforms are developed to ensure protection and durability through time. Alpaca beanies and scarves complete the outfits, soothing the wearer’s troubles with endless softness.
Faithful to its manifesto that praises craft and creativity, all TOOGOOD’s pieces are made in England and have artisanal features such as hand-painted treatments, hand-stitched finishing and fine details like lead buttons. The new collection also includes the limited series Made In House with pieces numbered up until ten, entirely made in TOOGOOD’s London studio.

  • Toogood – Collection 003

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    Cecilia Musmeci



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