Toogood – Collection 004

In an age without secrecy, Toogood puts the private on parade. 

For the Spring 2016 season, British designers Faye and Erica reveal what’s underneath the dress, exposing the body while layering up. In a subtle and elegant way, Toogood infuses classic lingerie staples with military structure, and give to transparent pieces an utilitarian appeal. The inner layers are protected and somehow renforced, yet the ptivate sphere is gently showcased by ondulant layers of hand-painted organzas. Inspired by their handy grandmother, who used to make her underwear from fallen parachutes during wartime, the two sisters embraced the idea of mending and stitching together different fabrics to create beautiful and luxurious things out of recovered materials. Several details within the collection nod to the parachute, such as the small tabs at the back of the pants or the multiple strings hanging from sleeves and tops of oversized jackets. The lightweight silk that bore airmen on stealthy missions behind enemy lines become pacified, moving from secret assignation to secret assignations, from sedition to seduction. Besides the bellicose functionalism of unexpectedly sexy airforce uniforms, the collection also celebrated friendship and intimacy, paying homage to Faye and Erica‘s closest friends and supportes.


  • Toogood – Collection 004

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



     Cecilia Musmeci