Turba by Miriam Marlene featuring Hala Kaiksow FW19

Miriam Marlene pictures Annie is a traveler that returns to her native land after a long time.

She inherited territories from her deceased family and comes back to take possesion of them. She explores a country which is foreign and familiar at once, as it changed deeply throughout the years she spent abroad. She embraces traditions with curiousity and revamps them with her own taste that holds the exotic and sophisticated appeal of fantastic journeys across the Middle East. She looks for places where the time has stopped, crystallized in her childhood memories. Hala Kaiksow‘s Fall / Winter 2019 collection offers the perfect stylistic complement to the story. Inspired by with a rare photographic archive documenting Mumbai’s aristocracy during the 18th century, the designer brought simplicity to a new level of opulence by working with the finest primal materials such as special pachminas and cashmere textiles hand woven with a collective of women spinners in India that sustain their lives trhough craft. Lightweight silk basics are used as underneath layers to protect the body, embellished with mother of pearls buttons that the designer prefers to reverse in order to hide their polished side and showcase their rough beauty. Souvenirs from India are mixed with Sumeric jewelry and tunics worn in the classic Bedhuin way.

Miriam Marlene pays a beautiful tribute to the landscapes of Barhein, were the imaes were shot. Annie‘s striking look radiates of regal splendour glowing with self confidence and unique beauty.

  • Turba by Miriam Marlene featuring Hala Kaiksow FW19

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    Hala Kaiksow FW19


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