TVSCIA – Duality Spring / Summer 2014

The solid plasticity of volumes explodes into fragmented lines far from any mere representation of reality expressing the pure essence of a concept .

The pictorial deconstruction and reassembly of forms into abstract-like geometric compositions inspired TVSCIA’s designers Elisa Soldini and Lucia Padrini in the realization of Duality, their last Spring collection. The tactile ambiguity of perceiving rough and soft fabric, the translation of masculine and military elements into a delicate feminine language and the blending of Bauhaus Western rigor with the boundaryless Eastern clarity constitute the dual core of the collection. Through a progressive elimination of every unnecessary embellishments, the fit and construction of the garments stand out as the designers’ primary focus. The precious knowledges of the Italian manufacturing techniques along with a fine range of materials add a unique twist to the fairly plain designs, which reveal the brand’s challenge in conceiving simple shapes that actually own a certain hidden complexity. The juxtaposition of ultra light silk georgettes and chiffons creates shadowplays and intriguing transparencies, while thick mixtures of linen and cotton emphasize the graphic cuts and asymmetric proportions of garments. As in a cubist painting, contrasting pieces of fabric of different lengths are broken up and reassembled into fluid wearable structures which caress the body as a gentle waterfall and according to the movements show the woman’s body under multiple perspectives.

The oxymoronic attraction for the irregular beauty reflects on the bare texture of rough walls, loudly affirming the banality of perfection.

  • TVSCIA – Duality Spring / Summer 2014

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Eri Oya

    Special Thanks

    Elisa Soldini
    Lucia Padrini
    Marc Rushton