Uma Wang – Autumn / Winter 2013-2014

Each process begins with a raw material.

Uma Wang works inside the primary element of design creation: fabrics, looking for the bare simplicity in the naked opulence of yarns. Wang’s meticulous research on primary materials and the collaboration with italian fabric designer Riccardo Bruni, allows a bold experimentation with new weaving techniques that gives birth to fine and precious textures, which became Uma Wang’s signature. Starting to work on a new collection,the Chinese designer establishes an harmonious dialogue with fabrics at first. She listens at their “weight”, observing the natural draping of materials on body’s silhouette. Then the cutting process takes place, shaping those yarns in organic volumes softly wrapping the figure, according to the original form suggested by the raw material blended with Uma’s creative imagination. The female body is enhanced in a very delicate way, preferring a subtle kind of beauty expressed in the lascivious and unexpected view of bare skin appearing from a back opening or in the emphasised neckline. In the end the colors, intense and variegated as oil paints, or shaded as nostalgic watercolors, define the identity of garments, completing their own history.

Usually the final product is complex and preserves just a pale trace of its roots, yet in more rare cases raw material stands still, sublimated as an epitome of itself.

  • Uma Wang – Autumn / Winter 2013-2014

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