Uma Wang by Christina Abdeeva

In an historical city like Paris there are extraordinary places in which the time has stopped. Uma Wang‘s woman moves across the room of an house with an ancient past, within walls that convey real feelings, surrounded by opulent pieces of furniture that bear memories like the garments she is wearing. She breathes beauty, she is beauty, and her soft movements are a soubtle combination of power and fragility. Photographer Christina Abdeeva paints with light and shadow potraying Uma’s muse lost in a tender reverie. Hauntingly charming, she chases the precious sparks of cold sunbeams passing through the coloured glass of mosaic windows. A sense of nostalgia fills her eyes with tender passion. Exquisitely contemporary and yet eternal like a 17th century Dutch masterpiece, Abdeeva pictures celebrate the timeless elegance of Uma Wang‘s clothing, unveiling the magic behind the fabrics that makes each piece truly unique.



  • Uma Wang by Christina Abdeeva

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Christina Abdeeva
    Assistant – Vanni Bassetti


    Cecilia Musmeci
    Assistant – Evelina Dimova


    Uma Wang Fall / Winter 2016


    Nina @ Jill Models


    Uma Wang


    shot at salon de musique – Place des Vosges courtesy of Julie Gamberoni

    Special Thanks

    Uma Wang

    Julie Gamberoni