Uma Wang – Spring / Summer 2013

Between the dried leaves of a desolate autumn garden, the petals of a rose fade in the grip of the passing moments. The landscape, swept by a cold wind, is enveloped in an humble atmosphere. Even the sun goes away, leaving its last rays drowning into the vermilion twilight.

Entereing in the smelling space in Rue Sainte-Anastase, the Chinese designer Uma Wang introduced us to her motionless fauna of fabrics. The SS 13 collection was divided into two ranges, placed on the opposite sides of the room, in a division which reflects the scan of the hours within the day. On our left, the clear light of the dawn along sunset’s dying shades imbued a color palette running from ivory white to the warm shades of pink, while on the other side the darkness of winter nights reflected onto black fluid silk pieces. A melancholic romanticism surrounded those incredible yarns, each of whom developed in close connection with the manufacturer, shaped in soft, slightly elongated deconstructed silhouettes shrouding the body as dried flower cups. The carefully refined organic motifs portrayed a delicate and harmonious nature, matching with the sense of quiet and luxury the entire collection conveys. The ultra-fine textures wrinkled in tiny folds, rough as aged sheets of paper, flowing smooth as the surface of the grain floated in cascades of light drapes, making each garment become a true tactile experience. The bare essentiality of Wang’s designs featured a more feminine and ethereal allure, without losing the eastern sobriety and discreet elegance.

Time flows away in silence, while the luminous beauty is slowly consumed by the tedium of life, becoming even more fascinating in the melancholia of its decaying process; finally vanishing in the wonderful reminiscence of her former self.

  • Uma Wang – Spring / Summer 2013

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    Cecilia Musmeci



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