UNDERCOVER – “Pretty Hate Birds” Spring / Summer 2015

There were no birds to fly. In a Wonderland they lie.

To some extent the life of a woman is a corrupted fairytale. All the angelic princesses fall from grace while growing up by discovering the dark side of things through life experiences and sexual awakening. Despite the loss of the innocence, Jun Takahashi’s Pretty Hate Birds still know how to fly with their imagination and find their fantasies trapped within dream-like dresses. Aware of the grotesque and insane aspects that mark the journey towards strength and maturity, the UNDERCOVER designer goes beyond stereotypes to propose innovative clothing. From the initial romantic gowns to the final gothic-lolita outfits, Takahashi’s Spring/Summer 2015 was a compendium of the metamorphosis experienced by women at different moments of their life. This cryptic transformation process is filled with metaphorical questions around the sacred and profane. Sin, lust and vicious come together with knowledge and curiosity as in Hieronymus Bosh’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, which Takahashi subtly reproduced over silk doll-inspired garments. By blending the naïve cuteness with fetishistic dark twists, UNDERCOVER expressed also the rather controversial nature of women, who always long for romanticism although they act as cold-hearted cyborgs. An incredibly wide range of different cuts, fine fabrics and embellishments as well as the inclusion of digital technologies within the pieces, showcased once again Jun Takahashi’s masterful creativity.

Dreaming as the days go by, dreaming as the summer die.

  • UNDERCOVER – “Pretty Hate Birds” Spring / Summer 2015

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    Cecilia Musmeci



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