UNDERCOVER – Spring / Summer 2014

Men’s anesthetized sensibility starts to thrill again when it drowns into chaos.

Inside the postmodern existential drama we must silence ourselves to listen to the noises of the world. Harsh as the jerky flow of contradictory thoughts that swirls in human beings’ heads, Jun Takahashi cries for silence. The message comes through loud and strong embodied in pieces that rediscover the raw fascination for punk’s roots, playing along the fetish and slightly gothic aesthetics to showcase a subtle contemporary elegance imbued with boundaryless experimentalism. UNDERCOVER’s sharp philosophical insight reveals in the provoking sentences that tease the viewers’ imagination through ambiguous anagrams and double meanings. Industrial materials such as PVC and an extremely rich use of three-dimensional volumes and details, like buckles and metallic embellishments, convey a sort of tactile appeal towards the garments, shaped by sharp and graphic in clean and sophisticated silhouette. Each look hits the spectators’ expectations like a punch in the face full of irreverent grace, creating a climax of impatient waiting that reaches its highest point in the finale, where LED light bulbs stitched on plain shirts light the room filled with darkness, leaving their intellectual mark in the amazed eyes of the public.

Stay in silence while listening to the noise means getting lost among the eclectic bulk of stimulations, it means being distracted and only when distracted, we are available to abandon the tiny self to take part in everything.

  • UNDERCOVER – Spring / Summer 2014

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci



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