Une Femme est Une Femme by Stephanie Lou

Stephanie Lou pays a contemporary homage to Jean Luc Godard cinematography with a story that pictures Paris’ grandeur as well as its charming low side.

Lula Allie, a modern Anna Karina, wonders around the Louvre Museum bored and fascinated at once. Stunning enfant terrible, she challenges the antique notions of beauty competing with caryatids and nymphs. Joyful, playful and mysterious she embodies the quintessential Parisian woman, styled in Jatual‘s FW17 clothing that gives her an effortlessly chic look reminiscent of Nouvelle Vague muses. Stephanie follows her in the gardens, where she acts like Alice in the Wonderland enlighted by some sort of Kafkian knowledge. And with her 60’s-inspired outfits and ladylike aplomb she goes straight to Pigalle, perhaps to dance in a cabaret for the pure excitement of performing. The broken narrative, the unexpected changes, the lack of purposes pushes the viewer to look behind the photographs and imagine his own story with an open and uncertain end. 

  • Une Femme est Une Femme by Stephanie Lou

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