Werkstatt:Munchen – Autumn – Winter 2015 -2016

Poetry and craft are fused together in an unbreakable chain.

Back in the days the Marais district in Paris was renown for its metal workshops, which now are mostly fell into disuse. Tucked into a tiny street, at the end of an inner backyard, Werkstatt:München found the perfect space to recreate the industrial vibes of his Munich-based factory. The German jewelry maker took over one of the working rooms / storages of an antique silversmith shop that survived the mass extintion, and set up there its temporary showroom. Surrounded by shelves any sort of metallic items, Werkstatt:München’s glow in the darkness, wonderfully displaced upon old metal presses and molding tools. The forgotten and mysterious atmosphere of the space highlights the pieces’ raw beauty handcrafted in gold and silver. The designer Klaus Lohmeyer keeps with the symbolism of his label, combining hallmarks such the skull and the cross to natural motifs that add an organic feel to the rough textures. The padlock chain is the collection’s central theme, and it evokes the Punk music culture as well as the idea of having someone or something important locked onto a part of your body. Together with the lock comes the key, tied to long chains that feature one oversized link after three paired links, usually referred as Saint Peter’s link. In addition to the brand’s staples, Werkstatt:Mnchen widens its leather goods range and adds some new designs such earrings and a few interior design pieces.

  • Werkstatt:Munchen – Autumn – Winter 2015 -2016

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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