Werkstatt:Munchen – Workshop Visit

Werkstatt:Munchen’s creations express an ideal of rough beauty and timeless elegance.

The industrial vibes that give to the jewelry their unique character come directly from the brand’s HQ. Located in the heart of Munich, the old factory that hosts Klaus Lohyemer’s atelier is a rather unique setting. The mid 19th century building is a precious time capsule that remained barely untouched throughout the years until the designer casually found it. Its peaciful atmosphere is filled with some kind of subtle magic, conveyed by the artisanal tools and the objects that Klaus carefully collected in flea markets and fairs all over the world. The interiors are stark and essential, infused with a warm feeling that spread from the passion the workers put in ther activities. Everything is curated with the same passion and attention to details that make Werkstatt:Munchen’s creations truly unique.

  • Werkstatt:Munchen – Workshop Visit

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci


    Special Thanks

    Klaus Lohmeyer
    Anna Wagner