Yohji Yamamoto Homme – Fall / Winter 2013-2014

Against the waves and steel-like tides when nobody could believe, with bare hands and teeth and a subtle sense of humour, today the reversion of the Parisian panorama delineates what sense and vision of Yohji’s perseverating strength and the purpose just hinted thirty years ago. However, the ever evolving vision of Yohji Yamamoto tell us something different again.

Thinking and acting on his own particular level, Yohji’s playfulness and lightness does not deceive the power of those strict japanese silhouettes, they magically fuse in his universe and come together, for there is no limit to inspiration, and whatever we feel in intimate connection with can go together, it is the inflexible coherence to make it real setting afar the master from the trainee.

For one’s should not be burdened with the image and the idea he conveys, for somebody like Yohji Yamamoto the effort to keep reinvention at the core has no equals. To be a believer in front of him, it is imperative to embrace that unavoidable sense of playfulness, be ready to look at his object with total absence of awe, but that neutral non-judging attitude which makes greatness visible in her familiar, genuine state.

The rigour and the sharp Japanese avant grade eye is joint to Yamamoto’s mens skirt, with the poetic realism and bareness of August Sander’s working class photography from the last century reflected in the accurate choice of materials, and on a more profound and intimate level, on the total opening to an extreme type of realism in the sense searched and conveyed. Everything passes though scottish references and the open disclosure of the profoundly human side of the Yohji, symbolised by the attachment to his beloved dog, always present in hints and references throughout the collection. As usual real fur is absent, and details as a special loop on trousers to enable the attachment of the dog leash go together with animal prints. The use of the silhouettes is extremely relaxed and self-confident, as they could fit different shapes without changing their meaning in front of a different body type, and the number of pieces featured in the collection wide and versatile.

The real strength is pure and can’t be spoiled, it explodes, unavoidably predominant, as the smile on the face of the model we portrayed.

  • Yohji Yamamoto Homme – Fall / Winter 2013-2014

    Article by
    Cecilia Musmeci



    Marta Fattori