Yohji Yamamoto – Spring / Summer 2016

Taking underwear and extreme climate as a theme this season Yohji Yamamoto constructed deep into traditional Japanese inspired Jubans, this was then juxtaposed against western wear such as bustiers and crinolines. It was very clear that this idea of post-punk and deconstruction echoed throughout the collection.

As usual, oversized black dresses were adorned in sportier yet sophisticated canvas footwear. This was then followed by a black overgarment with protruded boning bursting through the laced bustier and dressed underneath with denim jeans giving a youthful yet precise vision.

Additionally we saw black parasols floating like clouds above the models as they were suitably dressed in wrap-around tops that tightly draped the torso, all awhile complimented by double fastened shorts and laced trainers.


  • Yohji Yamamoto – Spring / Summer 2016

    Article by
    Keanoush Da Rosa



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Yohji Yamamoto

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    Cécile Delemme
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