Ziggy Chen – Autumn / Winter 2014-2015

History holds a certain deep power which sometimes man’s arts are able to convey.

Digging into the rich tradition of his Chinese roots, Ziggy Chen imbues precious antique stories into his highly personal design vision. Something quiet and mature characterizes his experimental aesthetic, which organically blends together Eastern and Western suggestions creating a worldly language. This transcultural vision takes shape through a fine and meticulous selection of unique textiles that let the decadent elegance of a Baroque-like velvet fabric coexist with the rough textures of heavy wools. For the upcoming Autumn / Winter 2014 season, Chen’s broody 17th century gentlemen in the Romantic molds embrace the rigour of Chinese clothing cutting, yet find a comfortable shelter in cocooning workers coats. The slightly dramatic layering is sobered by the pieces’ treated and aged textures which give to the garments a timeless look. Subtle asymmetries create a certain movement in the oversized silhouettes, kept clean and tailored through sartorial details such as the stiff button stance. Like an unexpected divertissement, the striped silk lining adds an exotic touch to the formal appeal of the outerwear.

Soulful and captivating beauty released from the eclectic poetry of clashing cultural heritages.

  • Ziggy Chen – Autumn / Winter 2014-2015

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Joakim Jämbeck

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    Zi-Ting Huang
    Kian Zhang