Ziggy Chen – Autumn / Winter 2015 -2016

Ziggy Chen brings further his design researches, eventually finding beauty in cultural clashes.

The Chinese designer continues his journey through the past and reworks iconic menswear staples into contemporary garments with a nostalgic feel. Rewinding the time back to Middle Age, Ziggy Chen finds inspiration in the striped pattern of folk and rural costumes. He plays with the optical effects of stripes by creating interesting layering highlighted by chromatic contrasts. Eastern silhouettes are perfectly blended with Western sartorial suggestions to suggest a hybrid and versatile aesthetics. Characters from different eras and places such as Chinese monks, wild explorers and British dandies are all represented in Chen’s experimental clothing. For the Fall – Winter 2015/ 2016 season, the rich range of fabrics includes a velvet material reinforced with metal treads that give to the outerwear a very particular structure. All the textiles come in beautiful earthy colors like military greens and burnt reds, while the lining of each piece is dyed in blue, a shade that is the leitmotif of this collection. The use of natural yarns provides the garments with certain ruggedness, offset by the effortless elegance of the design.









  • Ziggy Chen – Autumn / Winter 2015 -2016

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