Ziggy Chen – Spring / Summer 2016

Squeezed in hyper-urbanized societies with ever-growing needs for space and energy, we often turn to untouched wilderness to take a break from this frantic world.

The rainforest and its tropical climate inspired Chinese designer Ziggy Chen’s for his Spring / Summer 2016 collection. The silent and quiet appearance of nature contrasting with the restless life of the bushes and the surrounding fauna somehow reflects the brand’s philosophy, which celebrates the peaceful harmony of opposites forces. To face the hot and humid weather, Ziggy developed a series of light-weighted fabrics perfect for the Amazonian jungle as well as for Shanghai’s moist summers. Soft silks were treated to achieve unique textures with exquisite hand feel and subtle shine; reminiscent of the sunlight’s sparks through the forest’s thick foliage. Most of the garments were lined with dried-out, mat silk textiles that create an interesting combination of tactile elements. In line with the mood of the collection, volumes were relaxed yet elegant while the color palette was muted in order to keep the focus on the pieces’ construction and complex patchworks. The clean and minimalistic lines hide the extensive research and careful attention to details, often visible only from the inside. Season after season, Ziggy Chen refines and explores new design paths, rejecting the need to come up with something extreme to capture people’s attention.





  • Ziggy Chen – Spring / Summer 2016

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