ZUCCa – Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 Showroom

The mirror’s subtle optical illusion fools the gaze, imprisioned within a false image which tries to appear as actual reality. If truth is told it’s just by chance, like when peeking at a shiny surface and we get slightly frightened, because a familiar yet unexpected figure returns our look. For some moments we are stunned, we know that it’s our image yet we don’t recognize it.

ZUCCa triggers an alienanting game that challenges the traditional silhouette, creating unusual proportions through an harmonious synthesis of concave and convex lines inspired by Czech Cubism. The asymmetry occurs constantly in the construction of the garments, obtained through multiple and rounded stitching that seals the juxtaposition of irregular panels sartorially worked up into essential designs. Waterfalls of cloths run softly along the body, creating smooth and sinuous movement that shake the fibers of the fabric causing a sort of internal dynamic, which echoes into the hybrid and blurred shapes. The feminine vanity filters gently through carefully made embellishments, like the thin ruffles of different sizes and lenghts that decorate the neckline of silk chiffon shirts, or the pleated edges of the cardigans, charmingly floded as a fan. The visual effect is faded, like when you look at something through water’s surface, whose profile seems to float, blending with the surrounding space. Different geometric structures build up the outerwear, which reinterprets the semicircle line throught wide rounded hoods, cutting the atmosphere in a more sharply and defined way.

Observing the world through a mirror means grasping the common phenomena from an unusual perspective. The objects appear in new reversed depths, lighter and more flexible than the traditional dimension. Everything is about to change to every minimum displacement, while we get modified ourselves, transformed into a distorted spot of color.

  • ZUCCa – Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 Showroom

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci


    Masha T.



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    Vittorio Venafra

    Daniela Ugolini