A Visit to Paolo Soleri Foundation “Cosanti” in Arizona

 “What of the human dimension of culture and spirit? Containment or diaspora?” Paolo Soleri

Architecture has to come before everything else. Cosanti comes from the union of two Italian words cosa and anti that litterally mean against or before and thing. This unique site located in the Paradise Valley, Arizona, embodies Paolo Soleri‘s essential architectural approach and anti-materialist stance. Former residence and sculpture studios of the Italian architect, artist, craftmen and philosopher, it celebrates a lean and frugal methodology for living life on earth and the designs of cities that would have the less impact possible on the environment. The historical site was started by Soleri in the 50’s and it features terraced landscaping with experimental earth-formed concrete structures. Tucked away from residential areas, Cosanti is in complete harmony with the surrounding desert. Soleri‘s iconic bronze and ceramic wind-bells are strikingly suspended amidst courtyards and paths, guiding visitors with their hypnotic tunes from the research studio and indoor spaces to the foundry and ceramic workshop, where skilled artisans are still. Futuristic and primordial at once, Cosanti has the magical and mysterios appeal of places like Stonehenge or phenomenon such as crop circles.


  • A Visit to Paolo Soleri Foundation “Cosanti” in Arizona

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