Dining in the open sea – A Wild Oyster Safari

In the age of delivering apps, personalized menus and other commodities of the kind, our sense of hunger is easily satisfied without the minimum effort. But no fine dining experience or instantly pleased crave can possibly be as rewording as to look for your favorite food and have it raw or cooked right away, when its flavor is absolutely pure.

The point of going on a wild oyster safari goes far beyond the simple joy of treating your taste buds. It somehow challenges your limits, especially if one is used to a hectic city life, and it reconnects you with nature. Nothing can be more fitting than the sublime roughness of the Danish West Coast as a setting for this unique experience. Low tide is essential, as before reaching the oysters banks one has to walk for few kilometers on the exposed seabed, enjoying a ramble through the mysterious life below the surface, temporary revealed. The spectacular colors and the sense of infinity are simply mesmerizing. With the feet stuck in the mud and the Danish frozen wind blowing mercilessly, one kind of wants to give up and run back home, but facing a little pain makes the reward even tastier. The feast begins when you hear the ground cracking as you are literally stepping on the oysters. Then with the help of a sharp knife the precious shells open up, revealing their tender meat and delicious juices, mixed with the salty water of the sea. There is nothing comparable to what feels like when you slide them into your mouth and you savor their pure flavor, while overlooking a land with no horizon. In that very moment you may be filled with the primitive joy of belonging to planet Earth, and if you don’t you may need to have another oyster with an extra dose of bubbles and special toppings masterfully assembled by Jesper Danneberg Voss, aka Oyster King.

  • Dining in the open sea – A Wild Oyster Safari

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    Cecilia Musmeci



    Cecilia Musmeci

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    Colin Seymour
    West Denmark Water Center
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