Villa Lena, Tuscany – A Creative Retreat

In a world saturated with physical luxury goods, people look more and more for authentic life experiences.

Located in the luscious hills of Tuscany, Villa Lena is a one-of-a-kind travel destination. The coral pink 18th century palace offers a unique kind of retreat, welcoming its guest in a creative oasis surrounded by 1,200 acres of woodland, olive groves, and vineyards. Remote and detached from the fast-paced city life, Villa Lena is the perfect location for a contemplative stay, revitalising and cultrally uplifting at the same time. The estate has been open to public over three years ago by art consultant Lena Evstafieva, her husband the musician Jérome Hadey, and the restaurateur/night club owner Lionel Bensemoun, who put together a rich program of exclusive events, performances, parties and intellectual activities. The ambitious project includes an hotel, rental apartments and a no-profit art foundation that every two months hosts residencies of international artists, working in art, music, film, literature, fashion and other creative fields. The art foundation aims to establish a multi-disciplinary dialogue between the different creative fields, and to encourage guests to enjoy and discover the arts. FOUNDATION DIRECTOR KATY WELLESLEY WESLEY, PREVIOUSLY AT PACE GALLERY IN LONDON, IS CURRENTLY IN CHARGE OF VILLA LENA‘S ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT. THERE IS AN ONGOING PROGRAM OF WORKSHOPS, ARTIST TALKS AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR CREATIVE DISCOVERY AND AMBITIOUS PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: COLLABORATIONS OUTSIDE OF TUSCANY AND PROJECTS ON SITE. Furthermore, Villa Lena also launched an agricultural business based on the slow food and farm-to-table concepts, in order to supply the Villa’s restaurant with locally grown products and beign fully self-efficient.

Nurtured by a strong communitarian spirit combined with an idealistic approach, Villa Lena is somehow a successful utopia, a dream-like reality that showcases a new way of living and connecting with people, while having some time off. 

  • Villa Lena, Tuscany – A Creative Retreat

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