The New York based design studio APPARATUS celebrates the grand opening of its Los Angeles showroom space. It will be their third location, having been showcased in New York and in Milan previously. Alongside the full range of APPARATUS lines of lighting, furniture, and objects, the space will also showcase a selection of notable pieces from the JF Chen collection and works by Los Angeles based artists Robert Moreland and Amir Nikravan, testifying of the studio’s desire to celebrate the city’s art and design community. This will be the first time that the design studio’s co founders Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson who met and initiated the first APPARATUS pieces in Los Angeles seven years ago, return to its origins. Hendifar and his team have spent the past fourteen months to renovate a former 5,000 sq ft warehouse space on McCadden Place. The creative director and native Los Angelino, put the brand’s identity and signature aesthetics through a Southern Californian lens to achieve an intimate and effortlessly elegant space. Paintings of the local artist de Chiro interact with the game of light and shade created by materials and surfaces to showcase a refined version of the classic Los Angeles living. There are no windows facing the street, but natural light enters solely from a row of clerestory openings 15 feet above the ground, that allowed Hendifar to create a transforming experience such as the one they created in New York. Other meaningful details include hand troweled plaster walls, fabrics and textures ranging from the rough to the refined, a mix of stone and veneer architectural elements, and about three tons of modestly placed gravel. Within the architecture and color pallet of desaturated tones of sunset one can find a strong yet sensitive approach to a mood and philosophy that is distinct for this region.

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